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Mystery Parties!

Great for

  • Birthday Parties
  • Youth Programs
  • Family Events
  • Group bonding
  • Team Building
  • Icebreakers

For kids from age 9 to 99.

Everyone is all in it together.  A mystery must be solved.  You have a choice of two tours.  The Ghost & Mystery Walking Tour follows an actual murder that happened in 1904 involving the mayor and his wife. We go to the house where it happened, to the jail and to the courthouse to hear about the trial. (You can also take this tour when it is offered to the public.)

In the second tour, we chase Fungus McGloom on the Downtown Mall.  You need good observation skills and imagination as you and your friends track down a fictitious burglar who can travel through time.  Follow clues from one historic building to another while encountering people who occupied Charlottesville’s past and worked and shopped in those buildings.

Rates:  $150 for up to 10 people. $5 for each extra person.

When there are children involved, we request at least one adult for every four children.