Tell Me About it Tours, LLC

Your personal guide to Charlottesville, Virginia

About The Company

Dear fellow traveler,

I have lived in Charlottesville over 40 years.  It’s a great place.  In that time I have worked as a computer programmer, family divorce mediator, dance caller, musician, banjo and hammer dulcimer maker, general contractor and property manager.  I earned my bachelors degree in business and a masters in computer science.  So, what next?  Then my wife said, "Why not give ghost tours?"   "OK." I said.  My wife is usually right.

The result is what you see on this web site.  It will no doubt continue to evolve over time.  So check back every now and then.

I have had the good fortune to work with Gayle Floyd, a Master Tour Guide with 18 years experience giving tours in Washington, DC, who now lives in Charlottesville.  She gave great advice when I was starting.  Along with Gayle there are several other friends who join in when I need help.

We are all looking forward to meeting you and helping you enjoy this confluence of interesting people and places, past and present, we call Charlottesville.

Happy trails,

-- Rob Craighurst